Saturday, September 22, 2007

Blog evaluation: Hispanic voters could change Texas politics, experts say

This article from the Austin American-Statesman covers the effects of the burgeoning Hispanic population on Texas politics. Not unlike our textbook, but with a more tangible application. “With Hispanic population exploding, the political party that captures a decisive share of the Latino vote can determine not only the state's future but also its own(.)” If a political party wants a solid political platform in subsequent elections, they should appeal to the wants and needs of the Hispanic population. Not just appeal to the Hispanic population, but devote much of their campaign efforts and time and money into procuring the Hispanic vote. Ignoring entirely the Hispanic population and thus the Hispanic vote would ensure defeat. Hispanics are increasing looking for "economic stability". Hispanics are overwhelming Democratic in the Texas Legislature.

Texas is a “majority minority” state. This simply means that Anglos are outnumbered in Texas by "minorities". Population projections foretell that by the mid 21st century, Hispanics will surmount Anglos in number in the state of Texas. But, paradoxically, “Hispanics account for about one in every six votes cast in Texas… (i)f trends continue, Texas is likely to stay a Republican state until 2030, but increases in turnout among Hispanic voters and decreases in the percentage who vote Republican could tip the balance by 2020.” We know that the Hispanic vote does not reflect their representation in number. Socioeconomic status, education and misinformation, in part, explain this.

This article highlights in a more tangible arena the undeniable Hispanic presence in Texas politics.

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